Connections Project

Luca Rampinini     // saxophone
Yiğit Özatalay       // piano
Fabio Marconi     // guitars

Istanbul, Marseille, Milano. Three town, three points of view on Mediterranean Sea, connected by this inter-european project.

Connections project is the collaboration between Yiğit Özatalay (Istanbul), with Luca Rampinini and Fabio Marconi (Milano). The project is based on the album “Connections”, released in October 2012 for the label Enovisuoni Records.

A musical journey, that “connects” different destinations and different sounds ranging between european urban culture, mediterranean atmospheres and echoes of the Orient. In the repertoire, songs composed by the musician of the band, and some re-interpretations of authors like Hermeto Pascoal, Richard Galliano, Thelonious Monk.

The project has been presented in Italy (Milano), Turkey (Istanbul, March 2013), and France (Lyon, Toulouse, Marseille, October 2013).

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Connections Project Video Tour


Live @ Le Mandala, Toulouse

Live @ IIC Istanbul